The best left backs in the world

Many players learning about the sport of football always wonder who is the best left back in the world? This is one of the very important parts in a match.  ̀55bmw has researched and provided the following useful information.

What is the role of the left-back?

A strong team will include many components, including players, coaches, and playing style. Really, those who play the role of defender need to be honored more, especially those who play on the left wing. As useless as they seem, they account for more than half of a team’s ability to win.

The left-back is the key player in the team. If you follow the 3-4-3 model, there will be 3 people standing at the end, they are arranged flexibly and move left and right back and forth. Thanks to that, the task of defending and protecting the goal is also much more feasible. They always try to do their assigned responsibilities well, sometimes even supporting other brothers.

Every year, national clubs always welcome many applications for defender positions. Because this is not only a brilliant opportunity for them to prove their talent but also their dedication to every match. Therefore, this is an indispensable part of any team.

Some of the best left-backs in the world

There are many professional clubs and playgrounds in the world for football enthusiasts. Furthermore, friendly competitions and tournaments also regularly take place to create opportunities for brothers. Up to now, the world has recognized many famous players, including positions such as goalkeeper, midfielder, center back, and of course there is no shortage of talented defenders.

Arsenal’s Oleksandr Zinchenko proudly ranked top of the table


The handsome guy born in 1996 with the name Zinchenko has long been an idol in the hearts of fans with his outstanding presence. Originally from Ukraine, since his school years, he has shown his interest in football through many domestic competitions. By the time he graduated, he was noticed by the FC Ufa club and accepted into training.

Using his strength to prove to everyone, Zinchenko joined MU in 2016 for a fee of more than 1 million pounds. Playing from midfield to center back and then succeeding at left back, this guy made an impression with Arsenal. After that, he made his debut here, including a 2-0 win against Crystal Palace.
Theo Hernandez is one of the best left-backs in the world

When mentioning the name Theo Hernandez, many people will immediately think of a guy with an elegant, strong appearance that is very suitable for the field. Indeed, he is one of the best passers of the AC Milan club in his hometown of Italy. Later, this left back joined the French national team and made many new contributions.

Defender Alphonso Davies with impressive passes

Alphonso Davies was the youngest player at that time to wear the Canadian national team’s shirt. During his years of dedication to football, he has set many top records. When he was in his twenties, he participated in the 2017 CONCACAF Gold Cup and scored 2 goals against Guyane.

In 2019, Davies reached the top “best young player of the year”, this is a great source of motivation for him to continue his passion. In defense duties, this young man also did not disappoint the home team, with many Give your all on the field.

The best runner of Man City club – Nathan Ake

When talking about the best defender, we cannot ignore the Man City club, which has given rise to many famous figures. Nathan Ake is one of the influential Dutch players here. He conquered fans with powerful long-range shots.

Having spent many years working in different clubs, Nathan is currently joining MC with a transfer fee of tens of millions of pounds. Here, the left-back has fought through many big seasons, from the English Premier League, FA Cup, EFL Cup to UEFA organized by the European Football Federation.

Luke Shaw is a talented player on the international field

Luke Shaw is considered a son of the family when he graduated from the training course from the Southampton football academy. The British boy has made many contributions to his country while on the England national team. Many times appearing on the field and bringing big victories helped Shaw gain an important position in the hearts of the audience. He was transferred to the MU club in 2014 and continued with his hobby.

The best left backs in the world have truly made football brighter than ever. They deserve to be heroes on the field, confident in their own bravery.

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